The Garden Chronicles          Act II                          
The Garden Chronicles   Act II

Brilliant light from Him as God enters the garden.  

God: Adam, where are you?

Adam: I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid, I did not want
to talk to you.
I knew you would question me on what I was up to. I knew if I tried to
make something up you’d see right through me, and I’d be exposed to you.

God: You’re conscious is bothering you. I only asked where you were.
But now I know. Why were you trying to hide something from me?
You could not have gotten this Idea of hiding stuff, than from anybody
else but that shop I told you not to buy from. That’s where the fruit of
this idea came from, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Adam: I didn’t go there. I was at home relaxing from taking care of
your animals all day.  
It was Eve who went down there and bought into everything that was
told to her.
The only reason I believed it, was I thought there was a possibility she’d
leave me if I didn’t. So I let her talk me into it.

God:  Eve. Are you so naive as to believe everything that’s told to you?
Now what?
You’re going to believe any old thing that’s thrown your way.
Your name meant the mother of all to be living. Now it includes the unbelieving.

Eve: Look, you’re not the first one to call me that today.
Besides you know he’s a smooth talker.  How’d you think I’d be able to
resist his persuasive presentation?  
It sounds so good it has to be true, right?

God: See, he has corrupted you. You don’t even know right from wrong anymore.
What a sin that is. This is what I said would happen if you ate from the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil. Now everyone will be kept from doing the right thing
all the time. They just won’t be capable, because you are culpable.

Satan, because you have won over their hearts and filled them with your ideas,
you have won a foot hold on the earth. You think you have won and proved you’re
argument right. But really you don’t have a leg to stand on. Not anymore, because
you have only proved how low you’ll sink to drag everybody else down with you.

For someone who once stood in my presence, Oh Lucifer, morning star of the dawn.
Not only you but you’re whole clan is destined for underground activities.
You who were above, will be below even these animals. Now, I have more respect
for these dumb animals than I do for you. Because of your selfishness you have put
your interests above the children of men, showing yourself for who you really are.
None the less you will bruise His heel when he lowers himself to the earth.
For the seed will have lowered himself for the best interest of man, showing
himself for whom he really is. And upon his rising to glory again his first step
back to Heaven will have crushed your head.

Eve, because you thought that it would not hurt anything to believe the lie.
You will be reminded of the plans you thought to work against me, every time
you have a child.
You’ll be reminded of this hurt, but because I’m not one to hold a grudge forever,
no not for a moment, joy shall flood your heart immediately after the child is born.
Concerning your relationship with your husband, you were already an equal.
But because you believed you weren’t, so as a person thinks in their heart, so are they.  
Sometimes you’ll fell like an equal, sometimes because you’re weaker, you won’t.
This is part of the package you bought into.  You’ll always have to look to your
husband for validation. That’s because you wouldn’t look to me who had already
validated you. Unfortunately, Adam won’t always be in the best of moods and you’ll ask,
“What can I do to get my self worth back up to him?”  From hereon you’ll always
feel a little inferior to Adam.  I made you two equal partners. I made you two
halves of the one whole, side by side. Things are a little cockeyed now with him
on the top and you below.
It was never in my will that he should be boss over you. You have chosen.

God:  “Adam, where are you?  Hiding behind your wife’s new skirt I see.
You thought I was doing you a disservice providing your food. I did it so you could
enjoy life with the wife of your youth. And since you were never going to grow old,
that was the plan forever.
You believed work is what I’m holding back from you to realize your dreams.
Work is what you want? Work is what you’ll get. Go ahead,go to work.
Be my guest if you want to work yourself to death. On the other hand
since I don’t like death, or sin for that matter, you can’t be my guests anymore.  
You’ll have to go. And Adam since you didn’t like the fringe benefits of tending the
garden under all the shade of these trees I have given you. You can go out into
the open fields and work out there to make your food. I’d suggest you create a hat
and always carry a bandana to wipe your brow. It’ll keep the sweat out of your eyes
and help you see a little better what you have done. That by the sweat of your brow  
you’ll have to work to eat.

God: “Wait. Wait.  Before you go, just to show there are no hard feelings, here’re
a couple new suits, genuine leather. I told the previous owners I needed them for
some friends. They put up a bloody good fight, but I persuaded them. It seems now
that the rules state that something has to die that something else can live. I kind of
liked my philosophy of live, and let live. But now without the shedding of blood,
sin can’t be covered.
Anyway, I had to do it because it’s a little rougher out there than you think.
Your first idea or what you call your newfound freedom of expression,
bio-degradable leaves as clothing isn’t going to make it out there in the real world.
It’s really a sticky situation that you’ve put yourself into. This is the least I can do to
give you a fighting chance. And there’s going to be a lot of fighting going on, believe me.     
If you ever have the mind to, come back and see me sometime.

God: I have to drive them out just so they’ll see that the idea they bought into isn’t
really all its cut out to be. If they hung around the garden all the time they’d think
everything was just business as usual. Everybody just minding their own business
like nothing ever happened. Trouble is Satan’s got his foothold in their mind and its
no telling what he’ll talk them into. With Satan playing mind games now all the time it
wouldn’t be long before they started cutting down everything and everybody, which
Cain and Able will soon prove. I won’t let him destroy the garden, not the plans I have
for you. As it is now everybody thinks for themselves but it’s only for them selves,
taking what they want. My plan was to see the family of man to grow and as they
grew so would the garden. You see I supply the need, I cannot fill the greed.
It’s not in my nature. Of course they have their ideas on how things should go,
what direction they should take.
But I still have my ideas on how a person should live, especially if they live in my house.   

Even Satan learned that lesson. But unfortunately for Adam and Eve they learned
the hard way that bad associations ruin useful habits. It’s truly an unfortunate business,
but you know what? I still love them. I love them so much. I hope they try to keep in
touch and let me know how they’re doing. And if they need anything, I’ll be close by
and with the lights on.

God: But there’s no light on for Satan. He’s a rebellious son. He and his
followers refuse to come back to my light. The farther he chooses to run
from me the more trouble he gets into and that’s a bad deal for everybody.
His pride wouldn’t allow him to accept correction and all hell broke loose in heaven.
He did not want my love and would not receive my correction. It’s a father’s
responsibility to his son. So Satan is now spiritually bankrupt. He’s broke, and
no matter how you feel about it, you can’t fix what is broke, if it doesn’t want
to be fixed. Those who refuse my word of correction to be restored and purified
can only expect to see corruption. Adam and Eve didn’t obey my word and that’s
how corruption entered into man. Really what happened, Satan having nothing of
his own robbed Adam and Eve in the garden. I created the garden, the garden
was mine but since I created Adam and Eve with a free will they had only one
thing of their own to give, their hearts. I the Word of God would come in the
cool of the day and walk with Adam. I desired to develop a lasting relationship
and that my words would be established in his heart. That he, Adam, would freely,
willingly and gratefully give me his love, I am love and I desire to be loved.
The place I the God of light desired to live forever, in mans heart, was stolen
away by Satan’s lies. Satan won dominion over mans heart from that point on.
My Word was replaced by Satan’s lies. I had created Adam’s heart in my likeness,
full of love, light and life. Now man’s heart, along with all of his children’s hearts,
is corrupted with sin, darkness and death. Hopefully all of Adam’s and Eve’s
children will see the bad situation they’ve put themselves into and come back to
the light I’ll have on for them. But I know in time that there will be so many of them
that it will be like a myth to them. They will laugh and mock.
An ancient light on somewhere, they’ll shake their heads in disbelief.
They won’t believe it so they won’t seek it out. So they will remain in ignorance.
So their understanding will be darkened by Satan’s lies.

I made Satan to eat the dust of the earth. He caused man to fall. In my anger
I cast him down to the earth.  I have called him the great serpent.

How did this all come to be. Even before this while I was on my throne,
I saw the way Satan gazed at me with intensity, studying me. I can see
everything about everybody, even the thoughts and intents of the heart.
And I could see in his heart when the first seeds of envy were planted.
Envy is a desire that when it is fully grown seeks to grasp at that which is
not it’s to have or own. That’s why he is called the usurper.
He thought to be like me, but to be me would be to deny him self.  
He wanted what  I have and what I am. He was my archangel in charge
of praise. All praise which is due my name from all of creation funneled up
through him.
My Spirit like a mighty rushing wind blew through him and made sounds of music
like a man’s breathe blowing through a reed instrument. But he was deceived by
what he thought was his own beauty. No it wasn’t his beauty; it was my glory
that made him beautiful. Does an instrument play itself? No; a man creates
the melody to be played in his heart. He then picks up the instrument, his fingers
manipulates the instrument as he blows his breathe through it and it plays beautifully.

The beauty of it all deceived him. He became blinded to this one thing,
I Am God and there is none else. There has been no gods before me and
there will be no gods after me. Wasn’t it out of the abundance of my own heart
that I spoke the Word and created the Heavens and the earth. Yes, I alone,
created it. As a man writes down music on a scroll and lays it out before him,
so I have laid out the heavens and the earth. The galaxies move and are all held
together by my orchestrated will. The breath of my Spirit blows, circulating
through all of creation, taking my glory as the breathe of my mouth through an
instrument and brings it back to me as sweet music of praise to my ear.

Here in lays the problem.  Lucifer thought to take my glory as his own. He tried to
hold onto it as if it were his. I knew what he was thinking. He said to himself if I
just confess that “I am” and hold unto the glory, it will raise me up high, even above
God’s throne.  And “I will” he said exalt myself above everything that is and calls
itself God.

My glory is my own. When he, Lucifer, tried to hold unto it, it fled him and
returned to me so fast it left a vacuum in his heart. It emptied him through the
many holes in his theology. He that was an instrument of praise became empty.
Look at the outcome. He that was filled with bitterness and envy now is full
of hatred and murder.

He was my creation that I loved, that was at my right hand and could have
been there forever. What could I do? What could I say? I was saddened.
I that created good, am also the one who created evil. It’s not what I had wanted.
He chose for himself. If that wasn’t bad enough he sought to turn my angels against me.
He promised those that submitted to his authority when he usurped my glory a
place in his kingdom. 1/3 of my angels submitted to his headship. That is why I
call him the great serpent. His big head and the tale of his lie had deceived and
dragged down a 1/3 of my heavenly host. After his coup attempt failed, he didn’t
return to me in repentance and ask for forgiveness. No the damage was to great
to his soul. He continued to challenge my authority coming before my throne
accusing me of being unjust. Because I am awesome in power, somehow in his
eyes I’m unjust.
2/3 of the angels remained faithful to me and he was outnumbered was his
excuse for failing. He couldn’t see, even if all the angels had left me, it’s not possible
for my glory to leave me. He thought to be crafty, taunting me, accusing me.
He was seeking to provoke me to some unjust act. Freeing himself, justifying
himself from the consequences of his just deserves.  

All that I am is love. Lucifer knows this, but because his heart had turned to
self love, he thought that was the kind of love I had. Self love.
I am love, I am life, and I am light. These are not things. This is who I am.
And since this is who I am, everything radiates out from me. It is endless,
it is boundless. My self cannot contain it.

The battlegrounds have been drawn. Like colored pieces on a board, I would be light.
He, Lucifer, would be darkness. Light always moves first. It was on that dark watery
planet that he took up his position. And I said, “Let there be light.” And my Word and
my Spirit produced light.

God:  Besides, he’s such a liar that Lucifer. He says that I limit everything and everyone.
Because I have all power I won’t let anybody expand on their potentials.
Fulfill their dreams he calls it. He says I created man and then confined him to earth.
Just as if I trapped him.  I could see his point if I put man on a barren rock and
then said go for it. Besides it’s always been my intent to give man the heavens also,
but you have to learn to walk before you can fly.

No I provided every good thing. He lacked nothing. Besides all these accusations
from someone who had a better situation at my right hand, in Heaven no less.
He too lacked nothing, until that time. Oh, I saw it coming. I saw the intent of his heart.
“I will be like God he said” The praise poured thru him unto me, he was the
covering cherub, until he sought to usurp my glory. By holding onto it, bottled up inside,
he turned his back on me. For an instant he faced my Heavenly host and those so
inclined saw part of the Glory on him and began to worship him. Because before hand
he told them he would “Be as God”.  They saw in him their own possibilities of godhood.
So rebellion in an instant was born. 1/3 of the heavenly host failed in their thinking.
They failed to see past Lucifer’s transparent lies. Yes, everything is naked and
open to me. I fill everything created and I have created everything. Lucifer found out
as well as they the next instant. Truth, glory can not dwell, where glory is not due.

God:  For all eternity they knew me and my word. “I Am God and there is none else.
Who is there in the heavens besides me? Is there any God formed before me or
any god formed after me? I have not known them. Declare yourself then unto me.   
I’ve heard nothing from eternity past and I hear nothing in the future. Yes, all glory
is mine, and I’m jealous for my glory. I will not share it with anyone.

God: So herein is the problem. Rebellion has raised its ugly head like the serpent
threatening and bearing its two poisonous fangs, sin and death. And in Satan’s
bitterness he speaks with envious contempt of me, “the glory is all his, hissss.”

I am a just God though, I must hear every case, but Lucifer’s accusation is that
I am not just.  The only way for justice to prevail is to play it out on a level playing
field where the participants have free will. Like it was something he thought up, free will.
You can’t be free, or have free will without me. Freewill can only be expressed through life.
And I am life. Life is an expression of who I am. He said he wanted everything even
and on that level field. He mocked me, so I mocked him, by making the earth round.
As his mockery of me is foolishness, so is his wisdom. And so through foolishness
as we’ll soon see I’ll confound the one who thinks he’s wise. Unbeknownst to him the
seeds I planted in the earth were more than mere playing pieces to be toyed with.
I had determined like a good strategist to know my game plan and play it accordingly,
to win. Of course I can’t reveal my intended moves before hand. Let’s just say
I have to keep that a mystery to be revealed. It was Lucifer who suggested that
his tree be in the garden along with all the others. But it was my tree that stood out
in the middle, the Tree of Life. I gave Adam instructions on the way to live and
provided the means to do so. I gave every other tree in the garden as food to enjoy
and keep his body healthy. The Tree of Life was for his soul and spirit.  
As long as he was obedient He could come to me daily and take from that tree and live.
I am the source of life to every living creature. It’s impossible for anything to exist
without me. I’m the only one who can give of himself to others and what I give is what
I am, Life.  I Am God.

We would both state are cases and stand back and let the free moral agency of
man make their choice.I knew this wasn’t going to be without great cost.
When the serpent deceived Eve with his cunning presentation and she in turn
drew Adam into the deceptive web. Satan made the mistake of thinking that
because he had won the first battle by winning the first two major pieces that
he already won the war.

This is where I had to step in, I asked Adam, “Where are you? Why are you hiding?
Who told you, you are naked? When did you eat the forbidden fruit?
What have you done?  Of course I already knew all the answers to these questions.
I just needed Adam to see the error of his disobedient actions. He had to know that
his choice not only hurt him and others causing a worldly sorrow. But that the only
remedy was to see that he hurt me causing a godly sorrow so he could ask
forgiveness and be restored. Unfortunately that couldn’t happen overnight.
It was going to take a little time to work this situation out. In the mean time
I couldn’t have them eating from the Tree of Life in their corrupted state and
living forever. Then they would truly be like Satan himself, incapable of forgiveness
and redemption.
I put my angels as guards and I put a flaming sword circling the Tree of Life
blocking access to it. Because I am Life, those that are believing of the Truth and
obedient shall live. For those that believe a lie and disobey, shall receive the
wages (payoff) of sin which is death. That’s when I asked Adam & Eve to leave
the garden. But not without planting a seed of hope: in their hearts.

Adam and Eve would soon feel the heartbreak of their sin, the consequences
of their actions. Their two sons Cain and Abel would show perfectly the fruit of
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Cain only thought about himself while
Abel considered God. They were as different as night and day. Cain was fleshly
minded while Abel was spiritually minded. Cain slew (murdered) Abel. When I
inquired of Cain about Abel his answer was, “Am I my brothers’ keeper”.
He didn’t know that man’s life is in the blood and that Abel’s blood was crying out
from the ground. I already knew of his evil actions. I just wanted to see if he
was repentant. Oh, he had a worldly sorrow, he was sorry he got caught,
he was sorry he had to suffer for his actions. But he wasn’t sorry toward me.
He wasn’t sorry that he hurt someone that I gave life to and loved. No godly sorrow.
No confession of sin. No asking for forgiveness. No repentance. No redemption.
Basically I had to tell him to take a walk and think about the things he’d done.
Because his actions were evil and his conscious bothered him He thought that
everybody else was like him and he didn’t stand a chance away from his
comfort zone. I wasn’t at all happy with him but my grace is sufficient.

It wasn’t long though that everybody was just like him (Cain) (Satan),
for everybody was thinking the same way, that might, makes right.
The whole earth became full of violence. The self centered nature of man
is destructive, very destructive. I was saddened that I let it come down to this,
and still no one could see the error of their ways. I had to come down to stop it.
I bubbled up from the springs of the earth and I poured down from the heavens.
My grace is sufficient. Only Noah and his family chose to believe me,
I saw them as righteous in my eyes. You see the thing I pour out,
my grace is the thing (water that lifted the Ark) and lifted Noah and his
family above the destruction. But it’s also the very thing that will destroy
unrepentant sinners. Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins.
So in lays the kindness and the severity of God. To those that are believing
and obeying, kindness. To those that are unbelieving and rebellious, severity.
Noah lived to see a new world.

Satan’s whole motivation is to be like God (me). Is there a God anywhere that
will reside on a piece of dirt, I will for love.  As you’ve seen, his motivating lie to
Eve was to be like god and reach for the stars, the heavens. He so desperately
wants to get back up here. And the only way he can achieve it now is by piggy
backing off of mans efforts. Even now man thinks they’ve come to some kind of
agreement to combine their resources and their efforts to accomplish their dream
of making it to heaven. Because they’re all of one language and one mind they think
they can achieve their goal of forsaking the earth and conquering the heavens.
Building a tower by mans power. Excuse me while I go down and break up their
little party. When the law steps in everybody scatters and runs. No matter where
you go now somebody will remember the party (building the tower) but have a
different story about what really happened there. So many stories (languages)
it’s confusing.

I need to tell my side of this story. I need to call somebody aside and see if
they’ll believe what I have to say. “Hey Abram,” yes, over here, can we talk?
Can you step aside from the crowd, Ur crowd, and come over here where it’s
quieter and we can talk. Abram did as I asked, he believed me, and it was a
real blessing to have someone in the world listen and believe me. Because he
believed me (had faith in what I said) I counted it to his credit as righteousness.
I guess this would be a good place to tell you this first basic spiritual principal.
Without faith (believing what I say) it’s impossible to please me. It’s important to
me that you know that I’m not a liar. In fact because I Am the Truth, it’s impossible
for me to lie. You see, believing or having faith is a spiritual response.
Satan spoke a lie unto Adam and Eve, they believed it, were deceived and paid
the ultimate price, their spiritual lives were broken, sin entered and eventually death.
I choose to reverse that process, by speaking the truth, people choosing to believe,
to have faith, to restore their relationship with me, who is Life. Abram is special
because he allowed me to reintroduce this spiritual aspect of faith back into
the hearts of mankind. I bless him for that. In fact Abram, because you’re the father
of those men that believe, your name is no longer Abram but it is now Abraham.      

For he, will be the father, of many nations. I tested Abraham’s faithfulness to me
by asking him to slay his only son as a sacrifice to me.          
He did not falter or hesitate to do this thing that I asked, no matter how hard it was.
I honored his commitment by not requiring that he carry out what I asked. But instead
I would fulfill the covenant myself by supplying my own lamb for the burnt offering.  

Satan’s whole motivation is anger. He’s angry at me, at my angels, at my creation,
but really he’s angry at himself. Why shouldn’t he be? Think about it. One minute
you’re at the right hand of God in my glorious presence and then you’re hiding behind
a rock called earth, and then to be likened to a snake. Ever wondered why, a snake?  
When you see a snakes head its all mouth. I mean he can’t see very far because of
his limited vision so he’s all mouth. He has to be the head; he won’t share with
his followers. So he’s all tail from the neck down and he drags his followers thru the dirt.
His followers have no choice but to follow where he leads. Where’s the freewill there?
His mouth has been his main weapon. He’s got a big mouth but no real power
unless you believe one of his lies. His biggest is that there is no God. You know how
to be a follower of Satan: his mouth is full of deceit, just swallow one of his lies or
rather more to the truth, have him swallow you. Everything he swallows becomes one
of his followers. (He’s the head you’re the behind).  

Well my whole motivation is love; it always has been and always will be, from the
very first, to the very last, love, love, love. There is no greater force in the universe;
I know because I am love.   

Well back to Adam and Eve. Hey I knew going into this that they might choose wrong.
Well actually knowing everything I knew they were going to choose wrongly.
So I had to do something, love has to win. It can’t take second stage to hate.
Besides, what am I going to do? Move? Where am I going to move to? I inhabit
everywhere. In fact I’m bigger that everywhere. I have to stoop down to look into
the heavens: how much more the earth?                                                                             

Excuse me, please. It’s my move again. This is my word. When he goes down to
the earth, at that time I’ll call him my son. He resembles me a lot because he’s an
exact representation of me. You remember my word, don’t you? He was in the
beginning with me at creation. When I said I spoke my word, “Let there be light.”
The word that I spoke was exactly what I was feeling in my heart. Haven’t you
ever heard the saying, “Out of the hearts abundance the mouth speaks?
If what I am is love, if what I am is life, and if what I am is light in the deepest
part of my very being.
My word is like I said an exact representation of who I am because he
mirrors my heart.
My word will become my son in the earth. My very heart will clothe itself with flesh
and do as I will. Haven’t you heard that if I speak the word, that my word will not
return to me void but it will accomplish all that I have purposed for it to do.  
It is my desire to redeem man from the curse of sin and death. His name will
be called Jesus. His name means I (Jehovah) saves.

“Jesus I have arranged for the Holy Spirit to escort you to the earth.
Your destination is already prepared for you and Mary your host is
expecting you.
Have a good trip and a safe landing.

Anyway, back to Adam and Eve. I don’t mean to keep talking about them like     
they’re more important than everybody else. They just happened to be carrying
everybody else with them at the time of their unfortunate choice. Everybody who
was ever born or will be born is descended from Adam and Eve. You were all
there in the garden. In my will you are supposed to be here. If you didn’t know that,
you know it now. I have a purpose for everyone. I see everyone in that first family,
with Adam as patriarch. I call mankind, first Adam.

Anyway Satan thought he carried off the coup de gras when he got Adam and Eve
to choose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And man has been eating
the fruit off that tree ever since. Sin and death/ that’s what he’s offered from the
very beginning. You know they chose out of free will and I had to let them go.
What irks me is that Satan is such a liar that if he doesn’t have men completely
blinded to the fact that I exist, that he has them convinced  that I’m the source of
all ills in the earth. I mean I will take responsibility for creating evil; I did create
Satan the source of all evil. But look at the facts. I created the garden, I blessed
man and told him to be fruitful and multiply, not hateful and murderous.
Satan’s the one who comes to rob, kill and destroy. Well I am God and I’ll use
everything in my power to win back man because I love him.

Excuse me for a second. “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased, listen to him.”
He is my word, my spokesman in the earth, you listen to him, and you listen to me.
Anyway the crux of the whole matter is Satan made this personal saying I’m hiding
behind some kind of false façade. Well I’m not one to let others fight my battles
so I sent my word, my son, to win me the victory. I’m going down myself, Immanuel,
God with us. To face this situation head on, face to face, me against Satan and all
his forces of evil and fallen man. I’m not against man; he’s just doing what he’s led to do.
I’m willing to forgive and forget if they see the error of their ways and turn back to me.

See everything about me is motivated by love. My love and light, head to head,
toe to toe with hate and darkness.

I forgive man for what he does. He does it in ignorance. It’s Satan that I will
hold responsible for all eternity. Excuse me, don’t mean to cry in front of you.
They have just put my love on a cross for the entire world to see. Wait what’s he saying?
“Father, please forgive them, they know not what they do.”  Yes, “I forgive them my son.”
I can’t bear to watch, I must turn away for awhile, because like I said,
“Cursed is anything hung out on a tree.” It’s disgusting. Remove it. Bury it.
Get it out of my sight for now. So there you have it. Oh, Satan just thought he won.
He faced God and killed him. He is dead, I admit, I separated him from my presence.
I can’t allow sin to be near me. I am to Holy for that nonsense.

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