“ And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their
testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”   Revelation 12:11

There was a time, a long time ago now, that if on a scale from 1-10 on how secure I felt in my salvation. I would have
honestly placed myself at -5 or lower. That’s not a five, that’s a minus five. There was a point that I was so low that
the only thing that separated me from going to hell was the fact that if I had killed myself I know that’s where I would
end up. There’s no coming back, from that point. You have to agree that’s a pretty low point if you would welcome
death. Believe me, I thought about it and if it were not for the fact that there’s a judgment to answer for, it might have
been. And all this after I had believed.  
Now I know there are going to be many thinking, hey, if you were already saved you wouldn’t have experienced these
things, if you’d had been stronger and stood on the word.
Let me remind you of Job. The bible says Job was perfect and upright, that he feared God and eschewed evil.
Believe me, I’m no Job, but I did believe in God and in Jesus Christ as long as I could remember at that point. What     
I’m saying is that God withdrew his protection and all hell broke out on Job. God withdrew his hand from me and it
seemed like all hell broke loose on me.
I didn’t lose any material wealth or loved ones so to speak but I did lose something more valuable. I lost all peace, all
joy, and all my feelings of righteousness. And in losing all those things, I lost all hope of being saved. Thus the -5
feeling I spoke of earlier. I’m sure Job felt the loss of these spiritual things too, on top of losing everything else.
It’s truly a fearful place to be at, when all prayers sought out only turn to be curses against you.

Let me start from the beginning.
Having been born in the early 50’s, I grew up watching all the old classical movies, if not on there first release, not to
long after. The movies I’m talking about in the context of this ministry, are movies like,

The Ten Commandments      (1956)     Charlton Heston
Ben Hur                                  (1959)     again C. Heston
The Robe                               (1953)     Richard Burton
King of Kings                         (1961)     Jeffery Hunter
Barabbas                               (1962)     Anthony Quinn
Greatest Story ever Told       (1965)     Max van Sydow

I know these were movies with actors but they represented real people, real people from the bible. And more
importantly a real God. The God of the Bible. And most important of all, the Real Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus that
came to save us, the one that died for us, the one that rose again from the dead, for us.

My parents were divorced when I was two years old and I went to live with my grandparents until it was time for me to
start school. By then my mother had remarried and I had a sister. My mom didn’t want to raise us kids in the largest of
Midwest cities so she separated from my step-dad, they remained married but we lived down state. My first home as a
family was in the low income projects. Me, my mom and my sister.

I remember going to a church near by my home and at that time I know I wasn’t past the 3rd grade when I went. I
remember being at that church singing along with the other kids, we’ll be Fishers of Men, all the while casting out our
lines from an imaginary pole as if we were fishing, for the souls of men. I don’t remember going to that church often,
but I do remember that day. I was somewhere around 7-8 and in the second or third grade. It wasn’t much longer after
that we moved. I went on to another school to the 4th grade. During this time I remember we used to practice for a
possible nuclear attack by going into the hall and putting a book over our head. We thought the possibilities were high
during the Cuban Missile crisis. I didn’t understand the brevity of the whole situation at the time but I guess it was
close, really close to war, which could have escalated easily into WW III.  That year was 1962.
It was Cuba’s response to a failed American backed invasion attempt the year before in 1961. That failed attempt at
American intervention in Cuba was called the Bay of Pigs.             

I remember early in the year (1963) talking to my dad while he was visiting me about a nuclear submarine that sank in
the Atlantic and how that would feel, being trapped and not being able to come back up from the oceans floor. That
sub was the U.S. Thresher. Unfortunately it happened again, when another nuclear sub sank in 1968. That
submarine was the U.S. Scorpion.

Later that same year in November 1963 while I was in the 5th grade when I was 10, I remember while in class that we
heard that the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed.
We went home where we watched the news about President Kennedy’s death, and everything that unfolded
concerning that event. Later on, the Presidents assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed at the Dallas Police
Station by a local strip club owner named Jack Ruby.

It wasn’t long after those days that the war in Vietnam started escalating and how we’d get a nightly report on TV of
what was happening there. We were taught that we were there to stop the domino effect of Communism from taking
over Southeast Asia and eventually the  free world. American casualties were high, the totals on the dead and
wounded mounted daily.
Things were not any better for the communist country of Red China. They were the supposed backers of the
communist Vietcong. But the people of that country weren’t fairing any better under the Dictatorial rule of Mao Tse
Tung. His manifesto through his little red book and the social engineering he imposed on the country during the
cultural revolution led to the death and displacement of multiple millions of it’s own citizens.

America claimed to be the beacon of freedom and justice to the world but things weren’t any better for some in
America. The blacks having suffered unjustly under the yoke of  slavery in America for over 400 years, and yet
having been freed for over 100 years still suffered intolerable racism from a lot of white citizens.
Black Americans began to protest against the inhumane treatments they were receiving from their fellow white
Americans in the late 1950’s. They began having freedom marches going up into the late 1960’s. Dr. Martin Luther
King emerged as a prominent voice for black Americans during their struggle. A Christian pastor, he knew by his faith
that hate and violence were not acceptable tools to achieve the success they desired. Through his preaching and
writings he set forth the principles by which black Americans would move forward.

SIX PRINCIPLES OF NONVIOLENCE - Fundamental tenets of Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence described in his
first book, Stride Toward Freedom.
The six principles include:
(1.) Nonviolence is not passive, but requires courage;
(2.) Nonviolence seeks reconciliation, not defeat of an adversary;
(3.) Nonviolent action is directed at eliminating evil, not destroying an evil-doer;
(4.) A willingness to accept suffering for the cause, if necessary, but never to inflict it;
(5.) A rejection of hatred, animosity or violence of the spirit, as well as refusal to commit physical violence; and (6.)
Faith that justice will prevail.

The boiling point erupted in 1963-1965 with the beginning of race riots across America. The cities of America were
literally on fire. Later, in 1968 the two bastions of hope and common sense, the same black pastor from the south, Dr.
Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement, and a white senator from a very prominent political family,  
brother to an assassinated president, and himself running for the presidency, Robert F. Kennedy were both  
assassinated that year. As a result of Dr. King’s assassination, the anger and frustration of his death felt by black
Americans again brought about riots to the cities of America.  Again America was of fire.
I’ll never forget Dr. Kings, “I Have A Dream” speech. Don’t get me wrong I don’t remember the whole thing, but I do
remember that he had a dream that one day men wouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of
their character.

Not many are going to recall this but I remember in the early 60’s, there were a lot of conflicts in the continent of
Africa. The Congolese war (1960-1965?) was in the news on Television and in Magazines a lot, until the Vietnam war
started stealing the headlines. There were many conflicts I believe going on in Africa during this time frame, with the
people of those nations of Africa throwing off colonialism and positioning for power by fighting and killing  each other.

You can see, to say that those were insecure times fraught with uncertainty and danger would be an understatement.
I mention all this so you see the times we were living in thru the 60’s and how it played out in my own life in the next

Now I’m not saying that WWII wasn’t traumatic for that generation, it was. We owe a great debt to those people who
fought and died for the freedom we enjoy today.  We and our allies fought on two fronts eventually defeating, but not
without great cost, the Nazis doctrines of Germany and the Japanese aggressions in the Pacific. Let me just say here,
thank you.
Like many other Americans, that era was just before I was born, I along with them are called the baby boomers. This
has been given varying time frames but anyone born between the years 1946 to 1956 definitely qualifies as being in
the baby boomer generation.  

Vietnam on the other hand wasn’t as clear cut a situation.
This is not to take away anything from the little over two and a half million men and women who served of which
58,000 Americans were killed,  and over 300,000 wounded and 2500 missing in action in Vietnam.
From the western powers point of view a line had to be drawn in the sand, and that sand was in the jungles of
Vietnam. From what the Government told us, it was to stop the domino effect of and the spread of Communism. Our
French allies had been defeated in Vietnam and were pulling out, someone had to stand up to the plate and take their
After all it wasn’t us the U.S. against the Vietcong, but us the U.S. against the little brother (Vietnam) and the two
bigger brothers standing right behind him, the Russians and the Chinese. Understandably, we couldn’t let those two
bullies take over the block (world domination). But as in every story there’s another side to the coin.
From the Vietnamese’s perspective several hundred years of colonial oppression by the French who subjugated the
population and exploited the resources was enough. They were drawing their own line in the sand.  
Vietnam for the Vietnamese people. Looking back on it now we can all agree that a people should be free to govern
themselves in their own country. It’s the same declaration we made over two centuries ago in our own country. We
will be a free people with the right to self government. We will not be subject to tyranny, so much so, that we too were
willing to fight and die for these freedoms and banish the “foreign oppressors”, in our case it was the British.

In Vietnam’s case it was the French, then us, the United States.  Who are we to say that a people can’t govern their
own land. From that perspective it would make us American’s the biggest of hypocrites. And if the truth be known, Ho
Chi Minh, the leader of the North Vietnamese who we dubbed a communist aggressor would have likened himself
more a freedom fighter. And if the truth be told and people knew that Ho Chi Minh studied and admired western ideas
of democracy and freedom, even calling on the United States many years earlier to help in convincing the French to
leave, only to have his pleas fall on deaf ears, and eventually turned on by the very people he sought help from, Us,
the United States.

World War II created a power vacuum throughout the world. The Japanese invasion of Vietnam as well as most of the
rest of southeast Asia caused the retreat of European colonial powers to defend their own respective homelands in
Europe against the German Invasions. Vietnamese nationals fought against the Japanese and when Japan finally lost
the war, the nationals obviously weren’t willing to let their colonial overlords (the French) come back in to rule. This
was their time to reach for sovereignty. It was a long drawn out conflict, first fighting the French occupying forces,
later on an American backed corrupt South Vietnamese Government and then eventually our own American forces.   
At one point there were to be country wide free elections but they were suppressed by the South Vietnamese
government because they feared the outcome, that the Vietnamese people would vote for a unified country.
How many Americans from that perspective would be willing to have laid down their lives in Vietnam?

In Ho Chi Minh’s case, when the people who are supposed to represent right in the world are the ones using might
against you, and they’re a lot bigger and stronger than you, you’re willing to get a stick from anyone who’ll lend it.
In this case the Russians and Chinese were all to willing to help.
So Vietnam in part was a war of our own misguided making. The Vietnam war isn’t the issue here, after having grown
up with it on the news for 10 years or longer. Vietnam was always in the background of my growing up years, starting
in grade school, passing thru junior high, And all through High School and beyond, until April 1975 when America
pulled out.
To those in the war, that lived in it, and thru it, an all to real reality. To us that didn’t, a to long lasting disturbing
background noise that finally required a remedy to relieve the pressure. The 60’s was the beginning of the counter-
culture revolution. People decided to have a voice.
The Government said go, the people said no.
Or more accurately quoted, “Hell no, we won’t go.” Resistance to the standard quo was born. People were no longer
willing to go assembly line style into a war they no longer believed in, only to become cookie style cutouts in the
shape of coffins flown back home draped under the American flag to make headlines for the news programs.
The casualties of killed and wounded given nightly on the news were given in whole numbers, but those numbers
#1 through #59,000 killed,  #1 through #150,000 wounded each had names and lives with family and friends who
valued their presence and mourned their loss.
But let us also not forget about the 3-4 million Vietnamese that lost their lives in that war also, both north and south.
A lot of those casualties being noncombatants falling under the US. Governments generic term “collateral damage.”
They had family and friends who mourned their loss also.
What we Americans call the Vietnam war, ironically the Vietnamese call the American war. Whatever you call it.
War is not the Answer.

In America, to be counter to the culture was to take a stand against the norm. In this case the idea that when called
upon by the Government to go to war one did not question the authority.
The collective thinking of the government was deemed to be wiser than the peoples individual  consciences. As the
tide turned in opposition to the support of the war, the collective consciences of the people also began to turn against
a government or system that deemed them expendable.
Many of those who spoke out against the war at that time were the returning Vietnam vets themselves.

Unfortunately, the mantra for the counter culture became “turn on and drop out.”  Turn on, meaning the doing of
drugs and drop out as in F_ _K the government.
In those days it was easier for an underage person to buy drugs than to buy beer at the liquor store. I know this for a
fact, but I always managed to get my beer too.

The music of the day began to vocalize their descent, whether they were leading the way or echoing the collective
sentiment is hard to say. What started out in the late 50’s as somewhat “rebellious” had now taken hold in the 60’s,
Rock and Roll music was here to stay.

Another mantra of the day was “Make love, not war.”  It seemed like all of America was ripe to break loose on that
one. Earlier norms were to oppressive, Sex was the “dirty” little secret no one talked about. It was time to break out
and be open about sex, that was the beginning of  the “Free Love” society. What should have been rightly questioned
and broken away from moderately, looking back on it now, was more like the bottom dropping out from under society.

It seems like the 60’s was the decade for everything that was happening, to come together, to make the perfect storm.
I don’t think anybody can say this statement isn’t true but in any case,
Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll are not the Answer.

I’ve touched on the high points of what was happening in the world and what was going on in American society during
those early years.
Now it’s time to talk about what was going on in my little world.
Like I mentioned earlier, my parents were divorced when I was two. In the early 50’s divorce wasn’t as common as it is
today. I guess you can say my mother was a ground breaker when it came to that. Being so young I don’t remember
much of those days. I have one picture which I just recently received with me, my dad and my mother, and we’re all
smiling. When I look at that picture now I can see some potential in the happy face of  that young boy sitting on my
father’s lap. I’m relatively sure I’ve had some underlining resentment toward my mother through my growing
up years. But knowing what I know now considering the circumstances of her childhood how else could it have played
I mentioned earlier was that I believe I was born again.
I have as long as I can remember believed there is a God and that Jesus was the son of God.
I became alive spiritually speaking. The light was in me, nothing could separate me from believing there is a God.
Without direction I was pretty much left to my own to fend for myself spiritually speaking.

What should have been the beginning of a normal adolescence with a little helpful direction, turned into a totally
narcissistic attitude. Narcissism is when you're totally consumed with your own self interest, and no one else's at all.
It's what the bible calls walking in the flesh. Satisfying the lusts of the flesh. The bible has a whole list of things we do
that fall under the category of walking in the flesh. Just know this, that walking after the flesh is being an enemy of
God. Most of my young life was spent being God's enemy, even though in my mind I thought I was doing the best that
I could in my relationship to God.

What should have been a young boy learning to develop friendships and relationships with young ladies to carry into
adulthood became a life of empty promiscuity.
If you know the story of Esau in the bible, He was the firstborn of Isaac and should have inherited everything. But he
didn’t see the big picture or consider the future. One day he was hungry and sold his birthright to satisfy his flesh. The
thing about hunger is it’s an appetite and you’ll be hungry again tomorrow. Sin is more voracious.

Remember the times that I’m speaking of, the mid sixties, a lot of people were into drinking and doing drugs. I started
down that path and didn’t stop until 20 years later in 1985.
Before I jump ahead 20 years, let me tell you I lived what can only be described as a dichotomous life. I knew I
believed in God and was a spiritual person but lived ungodly. I started feeding the fleshly desires that the 60’s had to
offer. The 60's were my junior high and senior high school days. Way to young.
Non committed sex, drugs of all types and drinking and partying. What I thought was me exercising my “freedom of
expression” was in reality me choosing to enclose myself in a prison of sin. I never felt emptier in my whole life than I
did in those days. Not only does sin separate you from God but it has the ability to separate you from connecting
meaningfully with others. For most of my life at that time I was despondent and isolated. That was the fruit of sin.

At the same time being spiritual though I was open to the things of God. Early on I ran into some people that wanted
to share “the truth” with me.  I was open to listen and associated with these people because they had “the truth.”  I
knew the end (Armageddon and Jesus coming back) wasn’t going to come until the gospel was preached throughout
the whole earth. These people had published and were distributing a book called, “The Truth that leads to Eternal
Life.”  They had printed 100 million copies of that book to distribute world wide. It even made the Guinness Book of
World records in the 60’s  for most books published ever, only behind the Bible itself. That is until Mao Tse Tung
printed and distributed  Mao’s little red book that all party members were required to read.
As hectic as everything was as far as the world condition, I bought into their prediction that 1975 was the year of the
Lord’s return. What I didn't realize at that time was that this group had a long history of prophesying when the end
would come. It was their way of getting their hooks into you. The main thing is that what they believe is that “the truth”
is belonging to their earthly organization. When in reality “The Truth” is a person in Heaven to believe in.
A good description of my life in those years was like a roller coaster ride. I was either in sin or I was in religion.
In any case I know now that I was equally lost in either situation. For the most part I was depressed, melancholy and
extremely morose and introverted. I was reaping spiritually what I was sowing physically and mentally.
I was eventually excommunicated due to sin but that religion got its hook into me. During that time it was either them
(religion) or the world (sin), for me there was no other alternative.
It was like being on the medieval rack being pulled on at the same time in opposite directions.
Being spiritual I would have liked to have gone in the right direction, but religion has no power over sin to change you.

Likening themselves to the prophets of old that spoke out for God, they claimed to be that prophet (prophetic voice)  
speaking out in these last days.
Their predicted end in the fall of 1975 was quickly approaching but I couldn’t shake the idea that something wasn’t
right about the belief systems that I had been led to believe in. The fall of 1975 came and went. No Jesus. No end to
this world system. No new world order. No paradise earth. No explanation.

I continued down my own path of sin for 10 years after.
Drinking, drugging and promiscuity. And also always carrying around the burden of not being religious. If as sin isn’t a
heavy enough burden, I was also carrying around the heavy yoke of the guilt of falling short of religion.
God has a way of getting our attention. In late 1984 a series of events would lead up to a complete change of
direction in my life. I can tell you now with all confidence that
neither sin nor religion is the answer.

My salvation is drawing nearer now than when I first believed. In 1984 a series of events led me to believe that old
saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.”  Everything I was doing in life was failing miserably.
It was Gods way of getting my attention.
Two things led to me turning around.
One, I was channel surfing and started watching Christian Television.  
Second, one evening they had on Dr. Walter Martin*, a Christian who specialized in apologetics, and I was glued to
the set as he explained why the religion I had believed in most of my life could not and would not save me.
#1 reason is salvation is not acquired by works (and religion is a dead work) but only by faith. Faith in Jesus.
#2 They preach a different Jesus than the one presented in the bible. I know they say there’s just one Jesus, but Paul
says that people will preach about another Jesus. Their own version of Jesus and not the Jesus of the bible.
II Corinthians 11:4

Right then and there I decided I had to find out about this God thing that had been as much as a burden as it was a
*Dr. Martin is the Author of, “Kingdom of the Cults”

Going into and through that winter, all I did was go to work, watch Christian programming at night, read the books
explaining why religion is a lie and read the bible. That was it. No Drinking.
No Drugs. No being stupid, acting out and fooling around.

If you’ve read through this web site you’ll recognize the first foundational principle. I had repented.
I stopped doing the things that were keeping me from God. And the second foundation, by exposing the lie of religion,
and reading the Bible that led me to “the Truth” who is Jesus, I was turning my faith toward God.
By the spring of 1985 I could say with all confidence that Jesus Christ is Lord. That’s when I penned the poem, “The
True God Jehovah” I was free from the bondage of religion.
It wasn’t until later that year that God started working on the sin burden.

I started regularly attending a Spirit filled non-denominational church that was heavy on praise and worship.
Everything seemed to be going alright that spring and thru the summer. What started happening late in the year
couldn’t begin to be described by even the writer Stephen King.

What I thought was starting out as a spiritual battle all Christians are accustomed to in our walk, turned out to be an
all out war in which I was losing miserably. What follows is a spiritual metaphor, but it didn't make it any less real.
Imagine walking along a slippery slope and you stumble. You’re slightly off balance and you fall forward. You’re quick
enough to get your hand down and out in front and think you’ll recover only to find your hand hitting a wet slippery
muddy surface which causes you to lurch forward and start sliding over the edge of the slope. Your weight is carrying
you forward and you hope you’ll stop so you can get up. But you don’t stop, you continue to slide, sliding forward then
gradually over the edge. There is nothing to grab on to, so you call out for help. Surely someone can grab a hold of
you and pull you back and help you up. The mud on your hands causes the hands of those grabbing on to lose their
grip. As hard as they’re trying, as many hands as there are to reach out, it’s useless. They lose their grasps on you
and you slide completely over the edge. The downward slope and slimy slippery mud only accelerates you faster
toward the bottom. It seems that you’re traveling at the speed of light, but at the same time the slope is so long and
the horror of it makes it seem like its in slow motion. You know that at the bottom is sure death and even if you do
survive all hope is surely lost. The same conditions on that slope that are speeding you to your doom will surely keep
you from coming back up in your own power. The fear and the dread only intensify greater as you approach the end
of the slope and see a dark soupy quagmire of mud. The closer you get the stronger the odor becomes, a stench so
unbelievable that it can only be likened to rotten eggs and rotting flesh.
By now even before you plunge into the filthy mess below you’re already completely covered thick like a heavy wet
blanket. All hope is gone. You plunge deep into the mud. All hope is really gone now. You find your way to the surface
only to realize that its impossible to extract yourself from this situation, not even being able to grasp onto anything on
a nonexistent shore to pull yourself up and out of. The slope now from this perspective is a mountain, a slippery wall
that in a billion life times you’ll never be able to ascend. You flail at it but your attempted grasps only turn out to be
weak slaps against the face of it. All hope is gone. As you stare at the wall all you can see is that its dark and its
impossible. What’s even more remarkable at the same time you can see what’s on the other side of the mountain.
The cross of Christ. You’d think it would be a reason for hope but consider your condition. You’re in a spiritual mud
hole that’s impossible to get out of in your own power and a mountain that separates you from Christ. It’s revealed to
you that the mountain has a name.
It’s name is “the Law.” The law like an Iron mountain separated me from Christ.
No one gets to Christ through the Law. It’s impossible.
Terror envelopes me as realize I’m separated from Christ. No hope of doing anything in my own power. I’m surely lost,

There’s only one thing I could say, and I remember it to this day. “Lord, you can see through me like a pane of glass
and all you can see is crap.” It was more than 6 months since I spiritually began to slip over that slippery slope of sin
until I found myself lying in a bed in a motel room in Denver saying those very words. The terror and the horror that I
had been experiencing those long months had been real and beyond explaining. At times death in and of itself would
have been a blessing, if it weren’t for the judgment I knew that would follow. Like I said in the first chapter I was
without hope any longer.
Like the thief on the cross who was helpless to save himself, confessing his guilt, he turned to the Lord and asked
Jesus to remember him. Jesus who was so close that if he wasn’t nailed to the cross he probably could have reached
over and touched the man. But words have power.
The thief’s confession of his sinfulness and asking the God of forgiveness showed his faith toward Jesus.
Jesus acknowledged the confession and promised the man that he would be with him in the resurrection.

I too was helpless but when I confessed my sinful condition to the Lord. The Jesus that couldn’t reach out and touch
the condemned man was so close to me that when I said those simple words, “Lord you can see through me like a
pane of glass and all you can see is crap.”  
INSTANTLY the peace of God fell upon me.
I was so relieved and grateful I started crying out, “God I knew you would come, I knew you would come.”  “Praise
you, Lord.” “Thank you God, Thank you God”  I started worshipping him and praising him, and praying in tongues.”   
It just started pouring out of me, tongues, the heavenly language. I stood up and raised my hands to God, praying in
the Holy Spirit (tongues) and the Holy Spirit fell upon me like someone took a fifty gallon drum of honey and pure love,
pouring it out over my head and down my body. All the while crying, giving him praise and thanks from my heart.
Believe me, I was truly grateful.

I happened to have a bible in that motel room and I picked it up and read part of it and the presence of God was so
glorious that I could taste the words like honey in my mouth. I was so relieved and exhausted from the trauma of those
previous six months that I fell back to bed and slept.
The next day I drove away from Denver not knowing where I was going or where I would end up. I ended up in Tulsa.
Tulsa has some well known ministries with what would be considered mega church congregations and national T.V.
exposure. God didn’t direct me to any of those churches. He (God) bypassed all of those and led me directly to a
small church which was led by a man who has the ministry gift of an Apostle. They took me in and I sat under that
ministry learning the foundational principles of Christ that I want to share with you thru this ministry.
Knowledge? Yes. But before you get knowledge, meet the person that all knowledge flows from. Have a relationship
with Jesus. Ask Him to come into your life, to save you, to change you, to change your circumstances. I know that
there is nothing that is impossible to God. Wherever you’re at, whatever your situation, he is willing and able to come
to help and deliver you from your circumstances.
Ask Him. If he helped me, I know he’ll help you. It might take time to get you through your circumstance, but he’ll get
you to the other side.  

My friends, if you find yourself in a dark place, either of your own making or circumstances out of your control, know
this, Jesus Christ the Word of God and the Holy Ghost the Spirit of God together produces light.
This is the one spiritual principle you really need to know. You want to get out of darkness?
You need to come to the light.   Jesus.

God the Father has provided, and its this,
Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the answer.

  “ I  waited  patiently for the Lord;
     And  He (God) inclined to me,
       And heard my cry.

He (Jesus) also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
 Out  of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock,
  And established my steps.

 He (Holy Spirit) has put a new song in my mouth--
  Praise to our God;
  Many will see it and fear,
       And will trust in the Lord.”        Psalm 40:1-3

"Praise be to the living God!"

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