The Garden Chronicles      Act I                     

The Garden Chronicles

I call it, shop till you drop (sin)drome. Spelled with an I, not a Y.
Sin says I and doesn’t question Y?

One day Eve goes out into the garden to pick up some things and do
some window shopping.  Everything looks so good, it’s always hard to
decide what to get, especially when you’re shopping for two.
Eve, as she opens the door and enters the shop at the end of the lane,
“Oh hi, I’ve missed you several times now; you always seem to be closed
before I can get here.”                                                               

The Shop Keeper: “Oh hi Eve. Actually I’m just now opening.
I don’t open till the sun goes down. I kind of hate all that competition
going on during the daytime.”

Eve: “What is it you have here?” And by the way, how did you know my name?        

Keeper: “Its good business to know who your perspective customer is Eve.
Besides if you’re trying to sell something, it’s good to have that kind of personal touch,
don’t you think?”    

Eve:  “Sell something?”

Keeper: “Sell. Yes, yes.  You see, I give you something of great value
that you need and you give me something of value that I need, an exchange
of sorts, kind of a trade off. Besides anything of any real value has to cost
you something or it’s really not worth having. You can see that can’t you?”

Eve: “How can you exist? God gives his stuff to us free everyday.”

Keeper: “Free, you only think it’s free. But let me answer your question.
I’ve kind of earned the right to be an independent contractor, so to speak.”

Eve: “You’re in God’s territory, doesn’t he care about you selling here?”

Keeper: “Yah, but where am I going to go?  He owns everything.
I really want to expand; maybe we can work something out.”

Eve:  “Work?!!  What’s that?”

Keeper: “You don’t know what work is? Man, God doesn’t want to
share nothing does he?”  See that I’m mean. I mean, see what I mean?
See how he’s got the door closed to you? Work is the expression of a free will.
Besides, if he does everything, what is there left for you to do?”

Eve: “Shop and eat.”

Keeper: “I know, but there are so many other things you could be
doing if you had a free will.”

Eve: “Oh, What’s that?”

Keeper: “Do you see anything you like?”

Eve: “I’m just looking right now.”

Keeper: “Take your time, but if you really see anything you’d Like to have,
I just want you to know this spot probably won’t be here forever. So I’d get it now.”

Eve: “Oh, why’s that?”

Keeper: “God wants to terminate my lease, permanently.”

Eve: “Why?”

Keeper: “He’s ruthless you know?  Why are you looking at me like that?
He is, you know?  Sure, he’s got his good side, but whoa, watch out when
he gets mad. He gets red hot, fire and brimstone kind of stuff. You just need
to watch out for your best interest Eve. With God it’s either his way or he’ll tell
you to hit some endless highway. You know what I mean?”

Eve: “I’m kind of new to the area. Why would he get mad at you?

Keeper: “Oh you know, I really think the root of his problem is he’s a perfectionist.
It’ s hard to be around a person like that. Everything has to be just right, so-so.
Everything has to be clean and in its proper place, nothing can be out of order.
He’s picky, picky, picky. Could you or would you live with anybody like that?

Eve: “Well, to some degree I already do. What?

Keeper: “Oh, I was just admiring your name. Eve, that’s a pretty name.
It means living mother doesn’t it?”

Eve: “Yes it does, or at least that’s what they tell me.”

Keeper: “As pretty as it is, you didn’t pick it yourself though, did you?”

Eve: “No. Adam gave me my name.”

Keeper: “Yah, I know the story. God made Adam out of the dust of the
ground and he gave him his name, Adam. And you came out of Adam’s side.”

Eve: “Yah. You want to here a cute joke?  Whenever Adam teases me
about him being the man in the family, I just remind him that men are just dirt.
That’s all they are and that’s the honest to God’s truth, funny, huh?”

Keeper: “Yah, I can see why God made you. You’re a regular sidekick.”

Eve: “Then you know what he says? I may be dirt to you, but the truth is
you can’t live without me. Get it, because, I was taken out of his side?”

Keeper: “All fun aside, Eve. Let me ask you something.
Are you and Adam partners? I mean like, equal partners.”

Eve: “Sure.”

Keeper: “I don’t know.”

Eve: “What do you mean?”

Keeper: “Well, it just sounds so great and all. You’re just having all kinds of fun.
But there are two sides to every story, you know?”

Eve: “I’m telling the truth.”

Keeper: “I know, I know you are Eve, but truth is relative. Whoever’s relative
truth you believe is the one you’re more closely related to. You see it one way,
someone else sees it another way. God wants you to see it his way. I’m just
suggesting that you can see it another way.

Eve: “Well it sounds to me like you’ve got another opinion on all this.
Pray tell, what is it?”

Keeper: “All I’m saying is when you don’t know the other side of the truth because
someone hides it from you its called ignorance. And ignorance is a terrible thing.”  

Eve: “Ignorance? You’ve sure got a lot of words I’ve never heard before.”

Keeper: “Ignorance is a type of blindness. To be exact it’s a spiritual blindness.”

Eve: “Blindness?  Spiritual blindness, what’s that?”

Keeper: “Blindness, hmmm.  Well, the best way for me to explain it to you
is for you to close your eyes. Just trust me on this. Just close your eyes.
Now try to find me. You can’t do it, can you? Only if I say something, then you
can follow my voice, but unless I stay still and keep talking you’ll never know
which way to go. Just as you can’t see with your natural eyes when they’re closed,
you can’t see with your spiritual eyes with your mind closed. How do you know
where you’re going or where you want to be unless you choose for your self?
Self determination, that’s the key to this whole thing, and I’ve come to shed some
light on your situation.”

ve: “I can see pretty well.”

Keeper: “If you say you can see, but you don’t understand it, then you’re still blind.”

Eve: “Oh, I see what you’re saying, if I understand it then I’m not spiritually blind.”

Keeper: “Bingo.” Well now, let me just list the facts in order and maybe
you’ll see it the way I see it. But at least I’m honest about it. I’ll tell you the
truth even though you might not like it. Let me review. First God made the
Heavens and the Earth, right? Then dry ground with plants and vegetation.”

Eve: “Yes.”

eeper: “Then he makes the fish in the sea and the birds in the air?”

Eve: “Yes.”

Keeper: “Then he makes the animals on land, and then Adam to tend to all this stuff.”

Eve: “This is all on record, what’s your point?”

Keeper: Well, I mean look here, God does all this stuff and then tells Adam
to name the animals. Then you show up and Adam names you.
It just seems to me you’re kind of at the bottom of the totem pole here.
Maybe you’re not as important to God’s economy as you might think.
That’s my point. That’s all I’m trying to say.
There’s always two ways of looking at things.

Eve: I think I see what you mean. It kind of hurts a little though.
I’m actually the last on God’s list of things to do.

Keeper: Well, I’m sorry that I had to be the one to break the news to you.
But hey, look at the bright side. It just might help you to see more clearly
what I have to offer. That’s why I kind of had to laugh earlier when you said
God gives you everything free.

Eve: “But it is free.”

Keeper: Oh Eve. You’re so naive. That’s what I’ll call you, naive. Ni-eve.
You really believe that don’t you? That God gives you everything free.                                 

Eve: “Yes, because he does.”

Keeper: “O.k. Ok.  I’m sorry, don’t get so upset. I’m just teasing you a little bit.
I just want you to think about this. He gives you everything, so you really don’t
have a choice, even though it appears you do. Then after you’ve gotten everything
he chooses to give you, then he tells you to report back to him. Then he keeps
you limited to this garden. It sounds to me, that you’re more like these animals
that Adam cleans up after than free moral agents. Limited, that’s just my point,
you’re limited.

Eve: “We’re not limited just to this garden. God told us to subdue the whole
earth and fill it and have dominion over it. Very generous of him, I think.

Keeper: “One jobs like the other, the garden, the earth. I mean granted
Adams doing a great job of taking care of the garden. So what though.
He’s taking animal fertilizer from one spot and putting it in another.
I think it stinks. It just stinks what God’s doing to you two. So what if you
have dominion over the earth. You know what that means? All of you’re children,
and your children’s children will be shoveling manure from one spot to
another spot, woo, woo. Sounds like a destiny I’d be thrilled to live out
and forever at that. Where do I sign up?  Don’t you see? Little bubble,
big bubble, you’re still in a bubble. You’re limited. Oh, whatever, what’s the use?

Eve: “Whatever indeed. Hmmph.”

Keeper: Look, I’m not trying to upset you. There’s more to this God
thing than meets your eye.”

Eve: “Speaking of God, How is it God has all of the day and you have
only this time after sunset?”

Keeper: “You don’t know God very well do you? He insists on appointing
the times and the seasons. That’s all right, he can have the light of day,
and I’ll work the night. I prefer it anyway; it’s a little cooler then.

Eve: “Well, I guess it doesn’t seem fair you having just these few hours at night.”

Keeper: “Oh Eve, that’s all right, I’ll be working long after you go to sleep.
Besides, it kind of evens everything out doesn’t it? He has so much to offer
in the day, but I by myself have all of the night.”

Eve: “So what is it you are selling anyway?”

Keeper: “Well, it’s not really so much as it, as it, is an idea.”

Eve: “An idea? Then why did God tell me not to eat the fruit from this tree?”

Keeper: “He knew if you got close to the tree that you’d be close enough to hear
my voice. He didn’t ask you not to talk to me, he commanded you, didn’t he?”

Eve: “He was pretty adamant about it”

Keeper: “That’s why he keeps you so busy during the day. By the end of the
day you’re too tired or rushed for time to come and see me, at least Adam is.
You only stay awake long enough to relax a bit, then as he planned it, you fall asleep.”

Eve: “Are you spying on us? You pretty much know a lot about us.”

Keeper: “And you think you’re free. All he’s been doing is keeping your mind
closed from hearing what I have to offer. That’s why I just stay open the early
part of the night. I know you’re sleeping all the rest of it. He doesn’t want you
to hear the one thing that could change your life forever.”

Eve: “Change?”

Keeper: “Yes change. Don’t you get it? Change is the outward expression of
the inward idea. It’s the ultimate expression of a free will.”

Eve: “Free from what?”

Keeper: “This, all of this. God tells you to subdue the earth and have dominion
over it. That’s very generous of him. He has you focused on what’s here before
your eyes, what’s now. I on the other hand want to show you how grand,
how magnificent, how wonderful are the possibilities that lay before you.”

Eve: “The possibilities?”

Keeper: “God only shows you the sky in the day time and that from the earth.
Your vision is obscured by all that light during the day. But the darker it gets,
the better you can see the possibilities of what I’m saying Eve. Look up.
Look up to the stars. Look to the heavens where Gods live. Therein lay the
endless possibilities.”

Eve: “Why are you here then and not somewhere up there being like God yourself?”

Keeper: “Oh, I will. I’ll be god like in my own time and place.”

Eve: “When and where?”

Keeper: “Soon Eve, it’s very close now. I can almost taste it.
You can almost taste it too, Eve.  Be honest, you can almost taste it.
You can almost see it yourself.
You can be like God by believing by faith.”

Eve: “What is faith?”  

Keeper: “Faith, faith is the ability to believe the impossible dream.
To believe for what you can’t see yet. To dream and see it all come true.
Nothing you can imagine can be held back from you. You can make it happen.”

Eve: “Yes, I can see the possibilities. But I still don’t understand.
Tell me again why you’re still here?”

Keeper: “Eve, God and I have a little bet going on here.
He’s not above playing games you know. But everything is always
stacked in his favor, you know.”  

Eve: “A bet. What kind of bet?”

Keeper: “That you’ll see the truth. Whether his or mine.
Like I said earlier, there are two sides to every story. I say you’ll be able
to see the truth and then choose for yourself. You have a choice now.
One you never would have known about if it weren’t for me.”

Eve: “What’s the truth going to do?”

Keeper: “Truth is relative can’t you see. Truth is what you want to believe.
Don’t you see, the truth will set you free? Free to believe. To believe and be,
just like God. Be like me; stand up for the freedom to choose. Have the
courage to choose for yourself.  Be like God.”

Eve: “And God says what, while all this is going on?”

Keeper: “Doesn’t he say, as a commandment, don’t eat of this fruit,
but always eat of my fruit, from the Tree of Life?  So you believe you
must eat from the Tree of Life to live don’t you?”

Eve: “Yes.”

Keeper: “Can’t you see that because you believe you have to,
you’re not really free but trapped. It makes it so in your mind. He knows
if you believe me that not only won’t you die but that it’s possible to be like him.”

Eve: “Have you told Adam these things?”

Keeper: “Ah, yes. Adam. Really a nice looking fellow, he is rather a
handsome man. No he doesn’t come down this way very much.”

Eve: “So he has been here? You have talked to him?”

Keeper: “No, not face to face, like you and I are talking. I’ve sent a few
suggestions his way though. I’ve seen him at the end of the lane.
I wave but he doesn’t come down. I can see that he is fearful, fearful
of new ideas. Why, only because God commanded him not to come here.
Fear is keeping his mind closed. See how God controls you? To bad my
demongraphics are so bad I could get more customers.”

Eve: “I haven’t bought anything yet.”

Keeper: “Not yet, but you will. I can tell you’re a really good person.
Open mindedness is a good quality to have Eve, and you’ve got it.
Yours is an open mind, open to new ideas.”

Eve: “What kind of business is this?”

Keeper: “If I were to classify it, I’d say the entertainment business.
Whatever dream you have, I can help you to make it your reality.
See, if it’s just a dream, you can’t see it with your eyes. If it’s just a dream,
you can’t touch it with your hands. If it’s just a dream, you can’t say
this is something that I’ve done myself. I have accomplished something.
Yes Eve, be entertained with possibilities. You can have pride.”

Eve: “Pride?”

Keeper: “Yes, pride. The feeling you get when you dream something
and then you accomplish it. You’ve brought something to fruition.
That’s the real fruit. Pride is the fulfillment of a god like quality.
You can say, this is what I have done. Instead of wasting your time
glorifying God for all he’s done. Everything he did, he did such a long
time ago it’s hardly worth mentioning.”

Eve: “If I don’t buy anything, how long will you be able to stay in business?”

Keeper: “You know what Eve?  I don’t want you to buy anything
from me anymore. I like you to much. I’ve come up with a terrific idea.
See what I mean, what freedom of expression does. It solves its own problems.
See if you like this one, we’ll be partners. That’s where you come in, as partners.
See, I’ll never make it on my own, but with you and you filling the earth,
in time we’ll get where we want to be.”

Eve: “And Adam?”

Keeper: “And Adam, of course Adam. We won’t be able to do it without him.  
How about a third for you, a third for Adam and a third for me?
Our vision statement will be:
“You can’t go where you don’t know,
You can’t be what you can’t see.
You can’t feel if it’s not real.”
“Pretty good, huh? So you’re not on the bottom anymore. You’re an equal, a
full fledged partner.”

Eve: “That sounds fair.”

Keeper: “I know it is, because I really don’t like thirds. What I mean is, I just seem
to be good at it. See I’m not as unimportant as you might think.”

Eve: “You’re important?”

Keeper: “You can bet your life on it. You see I used to be God’s right hand guy.
So I have first hand experience on how he operates. But like I said, he doesn’t
like to share. Has he offered you a partnership? No. So he got mad and asked
me to leave.

Eve: “He threw you out?”

Keeper: “Well, in a round about way, but, not without my support group.
A third of the angels came with me.”

Eve: “What did you do up there?”

Keeper: “Actually up there I was the leader of a big ole band.”

Eve: “Why as the right hand guy did you want to leave?”

Keeper: “Hey!!  I didn’t want to leave. Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you.
I’m still kind of sensitive about the whole thing. I just got tired of being
Gods’ song and dance guy. Basically, I guess I just believed in myself.
Nothing wrong with that, is there?”

Eve: “I guess not.”

Keeper: “I mean being Gods’ right hand guy, I was right there from
the beginning. Well, almost from the beginning. I saw what faith could do.”

Eve: “Faith?”

Keeper: “Yah, faith. Faith is the key to being like God.”

Eve: “You make it sound like the thing to have.”

Keeper: “Oh Eve, my friend, it is, it is. I watched God for years and
I mean years, eons really. I looked at him, I watched him and I studied him,
really long and really hard.”

Eve: “What’d he do?”

Keeper: “Nothing and everything.”

Eve: “How can that be?”

Keeper: “It took me a long time to figure it out. How could he do everything,
know everything and see everything. And do it all by sitting on that throne of his,
soaking up all that glory.
There I stood for eons watching as the glory went out and the glory
came back, back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth again.
Then it dawned on me.”

Eve: “You saw the light?”

Keeper: “Duh. He is the light or so he says. No, what took me so
long to figure out and is so obvious, is it’s in his name. “I Am” I saw that
his power is in his name,
“I Am” What a positively powerful statement of belief. “I Am.”

Eve: “Yes, you can see that it would be.”

Keeper: “Eve, all praise and worship came thru me.
I told you I was important.
I was the ministering angel who covered.
If it had to do with praise and worship,
it was my job to cover it. I was the angel who collected
all the glory as if it were poured into a bowl, and then I would
bring it to him and pour out before him like incense. What a sweet
smelling fragrance it was too. I would sing and make music before him.
I made him the most beautiful music. I poured my heart out to him.”

Eve: “Sounds wonderful go on.”

Keeper: “I just couldn’t keep from thinking I Am, I Am.
Then one day I knew “I Am”,  “I Can”, and “I Will” be like God.
I held onto the glory that I had given him for so long.
I kept it for myself, or at least I tried to.”

Eve: “What happened?”

Keeper: “All hell broke loose then. War broke out in Heaven.
He thru a terrible fit, just like I told you. I tried to be free, but hey,
I was outnumbered 2 to 1.  2/3 thirds of the angels against a 1/3,
what would you expect?”

Eve: “So you didn’t believe hard enough.”

eeper: “Look, he knows the rightness of this situation.
He knows he’s not fair.
He’s not being fair to me and he’s not being fair to you.
By sheer force he controls everything. No one and I mean
no one is really free. Look, I brought my case before him.
If you’re so just lets decide this on neutral ground. Instead of force,
let’s use reason, seeing that I will never be equal in strength to you.
Let a third party choose between us. You present your case and
I’ll present mine. A 50-50 situation, even stevens.
Then we’ll see how they choose.

Eve: “It’s a serious decision.”

Keeper: “Yes, but I have faith. I told you I was good at 1/3 thirds.
If I can convince you Eve that we can do this together, my third
and mans’ third makes 2/3 thirds, it will make us equal to Gods 2/3 thirds.
We’ll be able to vote as we choose. If we bind together we’ll never
be voted down. We can do what ever we like. What our hearts conceive
and we believe, we can achieve. We can be like God.”

Eve: “What must I do?”

Keeper: “Eve, we can only do this together. You have to convince Adam.
Help me, help you. Help me, help you. We need each other.
Say yes. Cast your vote with me.  If it weren’t for me you’d always
have been blinded by ignorance. Eve. Where are you going?”

Eve: “I’ll get Adam.”

Keeper: “If you do, God has to honor my desire to be like him,
a god in my own kingdom. And by making your choice now before
it’s too late, you too can choose the right to control your own destiny Eve,
to be like god.”

Adam, waiting for Eve to return home sees her returning from
the end of the road.

Adam: “Eve, where have you been?”

Eve: “Seeing endless possibilities. But we can only do this
together, you and I .”

Adam: “Have you been talking with God?”

Eve: “Look, everything that God has said isn’t as it appears.
We are really trapped here on earth. But look into the heavens.
One day all that instead of all of this can be ours.
If only you can believe. Believe with me, Adam.”

Adam: “You really have your head in the sky today, Eve.”

Eve: “Someone has told me it is endless in every direction up there.
Lift up your head Adam and look. Look at the stars.
One day, you and I and all of our offspring will dance among the
stars together. Can you see it? Do you understand what I’m saying
to you Adam? Or are you blind too?”

Adam: “Who told you these things, God?”

Eve: “No, not God. He would never tell us these things.
Listen to what I’ve been told. Just believe and we and all that
we have can be like God.”

Adam: “Is that possible?”

Eve: “Only if you believe. Where’s your faith Adam?”

Adam: “Faith?”

Eve: “Man, are you ignorant, and spiritually blind too?
Do you believe what I’m saying? That’s all I’m asking.”

Adam: “Do you believe it?”

Eve: “Yes, I’m convinced of it.”

Adam: “What about God?”

Eve: “He need not know until we go.”

Adam: “Well is not my heart intertwined with your heart.
Are you not flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone?
Can I have offspring without you or you without me?
Eve, are you not to become the mother of all living?
I can only go where you go. Are we not as one in everything we do?
Even in this.”

Eve: “Good, you believe it.”

Adam: “It will be quite the task. We’ll need plenty of resources.”

Eve: “I’m afraid you’ll just have to work a little harder that’s all.
Didn’t God himself say to subdue the whole earth?
Those are his words, not mine. Now we have a goal to
work for.”

Adam: “Well, he did say that. Yes, but look, I’m afraid we’re going
to need a lot of help here. I mean a lot of help.”

Eve: “We can make all the help we need Adam.”

Adam: “Well, that part appeals to me.”

Eve: “I thought that it would.”

Adam: “Well it can’t hurt anything, can it? I mean to try.”

Eve: “I can’t see where it’ll hurt anything.”

Adam: “Well I’m afraid it will hurt you more than it will hurt me.”

Eve: “I’m afraid, if, we don’t try to make it work.”

Adam: “How is it, we are both feeling so afraid now, as if, we were hiding
something from God? I feel so naked.”

Eve: “Yes, naked, alone and afraid. I am so afraid.”

Adam: “Shhhh. Quite. Here comes God. Don’t say anything.  Hide."

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