Everything you've learned or affirmed in the Swordgraphics website
is to be worked out by you in relationship to the church or other believers.
So that it's not you going to church, but you being the church.

We as believers must understand that the gifts we have are directly
given by God, for the purpose of building and strengthening His church.

Jesus himself says that in
John 15:5 "I am the vine, ye are the branches:
He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit:
for without me ye can do nothing."
 He is the source.

Have you ever noticed that a branch off of a trunk or another branch,
is smaller to the one carrying it.
As the branch grows it gets bigger but never outgrows the one holding it up.
As it grows it begins to take on the characteristics of the branch supporting it.
And it even begins to support newer branches as they grow out from them.
Did you ever notice that the  fruit is out on the littler branches?  
Spiritually speaking then, if the littler branches are producing fruit after its
kind then the branches holding them up are connected to the vine or source.
If a tree bears much fruit then the whole tree is glorified.
Its producing fruit after its kind. If we're connected to Jesus, we will bear much fruit.
In what context then can we allow the gifts of the Spirit to flow
through us that the ones we support are bearing much fruit?

I believe it's by knowing these basic foundational principles as laid out
in this site and by joining yourself to other believers through a simple home church.
A home church allows you to be a participant in the church and not just a
passive observer of church.
How many does it take to be a church?
The church today wants to measure their success in numbers, but remember
God is looking for fruit. Not quantity but quality.
So how many does it take to make up a church?
Jesus said "Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them."  
Can you reach out to at least one other person in the context of relationship and
not in the pursuit of church membership?
This then is the basis of the Home church, relationship with God, relationship with other believers.
Living life, sharing life.

Recently in the news, on TV and in the newspapers it speaks about
the decline of religion in America.
The article states that the mainline denominations are losing ground.
That people are choosing to leave church life as they've known it.
It should be noted that some are going to nondenominational spirit filled
churches and that the numbers are on the rise in those churches but it's
mostly church transfers. The American church system is losing ground.
For many though, its away from going to church at all, anywhere.
They want more. It's not that they've lost their faith, they still believe in
God and pray to Jesus.
They just hunger for a more real and practical expression of the Christian life.
Spiritual life, not religious life.
Let me offer and open invitation. Seek out the way of life or church where you
are a doer of the word and not just a hearer of the word.
You are not alone, the numbers are growing.
In a lot of ways Jesus has been barred from entering the front door of
the church but he'll catch you and recruit you going out the back door of the
church if you'll let him.
Then you can be used by Him, according to His purpose and according to his will.
You'll use the gifts he's given you.

In these next paragraphs I want to introduce you to the Why of home church.
A list of reading references about home churches. And finally a few resources
to finding a home church in your area.
And not to worry if there is no home church in your area. Remember Jesus' words,
"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the
midst of them."  
Matthew 18:20

Please click on this link to read the 15 theses from Wolfgang Simson's book,  
Houses that change the World.

The 15 theses click here.

Here is listed some resources for further consideration about home churches.

Resources         www.housechurchresource.org

Clifford James,             The Blueprint
Steve Atkerson (ed.),     Ekklesia: To the Roots of Biblical Church Life
George Barna,              Revolution
E.H. Broadbent,           The Pilgrim Church
Neil Cole,                    Organic Church
Robert Fitts,                The Church in the House
David Garrison,          Church Planting Movements
Wayne Jacobsen,       The Naked Church
Wayne Jacobsen,       Authentic Relationships
Larry Kreider,             House Church Networks
Wolfgang Simson,      Houses that Change the World
Frank Viola,               Rethinking the Wineskin
Frank Viola,               Pagan Christianity
Frank Viola,               So You Want to Start a House Church?
Rad Zdero,                The Global House Church Movement

Here are some web sites to help you find some churches in your area.

Choose U.S., Canada, or International. Choose your
state or country then click on List All.


If you can't find one there. Do a Google search,
home churches and your city name.
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House Churches
The churches or denominations today, that aren't religiously deaf,
that are tuned into the things of God want to bring in the harvest.

They rightfully expect a large last days harvest and want to bring it
into the storehouses.

The church or the storehouses of today are holding unto the harvest.

The model served it's purpose when times were good.

But in reality there is a dearth in the land.

When we look in Genesis we see that Pharaoh (a type of God)  
and Joseph (a type of Christ) who was exalted to have complete
authority over the land.

In the years of plenty the harvest or grain was to be stored.

But when the famine comes, the people of Egypt (a type of the world of sin)
cry out for grain.

They are starving for bread (Jesus the bread of Life)(Jesus when he broke
the bread said, "This is my body."). We believers are His body.

Were the people fed because the overseers kept the storehouses locked
up or because Joseph said open up and sell.

Joseph opened all the storehouses, and sold unto the Egyptians (sinners).

See, the gospel isn't really free. It'll cost the sinner everything he has to stay alive.

So that Joseph (Christ) brings all under the ownership of Pharaoh
(Remember a type of God).

See, the outpouring is not only going to come from Heaven but out of the
storehouses to feed the starving people of Egypt.

Overseers, see the bigger purpose, it's not your grain or harvest, it all belongs to Jesus.

There was a time when you oversaw it's safekeeping.

Now it's time to open up the doors, let the grain go, so the starving can be fed
and bring in the real harvest.

To be a hearer of the word and never a doer, is always to be the grain and
never the bread.

The real paradox might be the Pastor who shows up at a Church and has
no one to preach to because he has allowed the bread to be dispersed to feed the world.

Well done, good and faithful servant.
Interested in starting a house church?